Hydraulic fittings


Hydraulic fittings
Hydraulic fittings

Commonly known as hydraulic fittings, hose fittings, hose inserts or fittings for short, are the elements that connect the hydraulic hose with the  machine port where the hose has to be attached to, have two sides, the hose side consisting of a hollow hose barb stem which is inserted into the hose , and the threaded side which is connected to to the machine port.

Basically the fittings are referred to a two-piece fittings, that is , the fittings and the ferrule which are swaged locking the hose in between the serrated dies of the ferrule and the stem, and one-piece fitting in which the ferrule and insert are crimped to a predetermined diameter

Although there is no a unified International Standard   but rather different standards, in practice coexist them in the market , in our manufacturing program we cover most of the standards

Hydraulic Fittings Catalogue

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