Pulleys and taper bushes

Power Transmission

Pulleys and taper bushes
Pulleys and taper bushes

Translink offers a wide range of top-quality transmission pulleys for all types of industrial use. These are produced in accordance with the most demanding manufacturing standards (DIN 2211- ISO 4183, DIN 1651 – UNI 5007, ISO 1940 – UNI 428, among others). The specific balancing process, in accordance with standard ISO G16, permits the required power to be optimised, increases drive efficiency on the shaft and reduces the necessary consumption.

The Translink trapezoidal or V belt pulleys are manufactured in GG25 cast-iron, while the pulleys for toothed belts can be manufactured in C45 steel, cast-iron or aluminium depending on the model.

The range of Translink pulleys includes blind and taper bush pulleys, European standard pulleys with profiles SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC, American standard profiles A/B, C and D, or 3V, 5V and 8V, of various diameters and with up to 12 grooves in the American type C standard models. Regarding the toothed pulleys, products for HTD, STD and metric pitch belts are included in the range.

Translink taper bushes are produced in top-quality steel and facilitate quick, easy and safe assembly of the pulley on its shaft. The bushes are available in the taper bush or QD bush version depending on whether they are destined for European standard or American standard pulleys, respectively. Our taper bushes can come in black phosphate or oxide finish with a silvery appearance.

At Translink, we carry out pulley projects under customer drawings and specification requirements, as well as treatments such as black phosphate and various painting solutions depending on the application and working conditions of the pulley.

All the pulleys and Translink taper bushes are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification.

See all the technical specifications and available models in our catalogue.