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Gears and racks
Gears and racks

We manufacture all types of gears and racks for any industrial application. The wide range of Translink products includes both spur gears –also called rack sprockets– and helical and bevel gears.  They are manufactured in high quality C45 steel that withstands pressure of up to 60-70 kg/mm2.

We specialise in ISO European standard gears; our standard production of spur gears includes parts from module 1.5 to module 6, and from 12 to 127 teeth in the lower modules, and up to 65 teeth in module 6. Our standard production of bevel gears includes ratios 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3.

Translink also offers a complete range of racks to European Standards. Produced to order in C45 steel and also in stainless steel, the Translink racks come in all the market sizes from module 1 to module 8.

We also manufacture gears and racks according to drawings with material specifications and additional treatments such as zinc plating, and also manufacture according to ANSI American standard at the express request of the customer.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with the most demanding quality standards and have obtained the ISO 9001 manufacturing certification. See the technical specifications and available models in our catalogue.

Gear and Rack Catalogue

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