Power Transmission


At Translink, we offer you a large variety of V-belts, flat cogged belts, ribbed belts, and hexagonal belts that are suitable for all your needs.

V-Belts are flexible devices designed to transmit power based on the friction created in the sidewalls of a sheave’s wedge by tension. While the V-Belt is tightly wedged in the sheave, the friction created between the surface of the belt and the sheave gives way to transmit high torques.

Translink manufactures V-belts with top quality rubber in the core and support and ensure that the polyester tension cord and the cover fabric, threated with rubber mixtures, meet the most rigorous standards. The manufacturing method achieves excellent uniformity and fusion of all the components, which results in a belt of great durability and resistance to wear and deformation.

Our wide range of belts includes classic Z, A, B, C and D V-belts; narrow V-belts with SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC profiles; 3V, 5V, 8V narrow imperial size belts; raw edge belts and ribbed and wrapped V-belts.

All our Translink V-belts are manufactured in ISO 9001 production certified centers, and in accordance with the most demanding quality. See the technical specifications and available models in our catalogue.

Belt catalogue

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