Industrial hoses


Industrial hoses
Industrial hoses

Translink industrial hoses are an excellent option for conveying any fluid in a liquid or gaseous state, including granulated solids in the case of sandblasting, for example, which would naturally require a hose suitable for this use.  In contrast to hydraulic hoses, the internal composition and structure does not need to work at high pressures, and normally operates under normal and medium pressures of between 10 and 20 bar (150 – 300 psi), with one model that goes up to 25 bar (375 psi) of working pressure.


Suitable for the majority of fluids, those that stand out are hoses for water-air, steam, petroleum-based fluids (diesel, petrol, industrial oil or LPG), oxygen, chemical fluids, corrosive products, acetylene, sandblasting, compressed air for pneumatic hammers, and many more.

Translink industrial hoses are manufactured under the most demanding safety, flexibility, performance, resistance and durability standards. The Translink range includes industrial hoses composed of several layers (the inner tube, the reinforcement layer and the cover), with varying compositions in accordance with the use for which they are intended.

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Industrial Hoses Catalogue

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