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Timing Pulleys
Timing Pulleys

Translink offers a wide range of top-quality timing pulleys which work perfectly for synchronous applications that require the highest levels of accuracy.

Timing Pulleys consist of a rim, a hub and a plate or spoke to join the hub with the rim, whereas the rim is toothed. The profiles of the teeth may vary according to standards. The first known is the trapezoidal profile with rectilinear flanks which generate an involute (curved inward or spirally), well de­fined in the ISO 5294 Standard. Subsequently there are other profile shapes, basically curvilinear which produce a better transition of the belt than those of the trapezoidal shape while practically eliminating the backlash, an essential property to a synchronous drive.

The range of Translink timing pulleys includes XL, L, XS and XXH, HTD® profiles 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M and metric profiles T2.5, T5, T10, AT5 and AT10 and RSB.

All our Translink timing pulleys are manufactured in ISO 9001 production certified centers, and in accordance with the most demanding quality. See the technical specifications and available models in our catalogue.

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