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Locking Devices
Locking Devices

Translink locking devices are composed of different types and models, covering Internal Devices, External or Shrink Rings and Compression Hubs.

Locking devices may be grouped in two types, Internal and Exter­nal. While the Internal are positioned between the shaft and the hub creating internal and external compression friction force, the Exter­nal, known as well as Shrink Discs are positioned outside the hub exerting a compression friction force onto the shaft.

There are many applications where the Friction Locking units may be applied like gears, plates, sprockets, all kinds of hubs, cams, pulleys, and other rotating transmission elements. Translink locking devices may as well be used as a Rigid Coupling.

Translink has one of the most complete ranges of locking devices in the market, which assures to meet our customer expectations and needs.

All our locking devices are manufactured in ISO 9001 production certified centers, and in accordance with the most demanding quality. See the technical specifications and available models in our catalogue.

Locking devices catalogue

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