Transmission chain

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Transmission chain
Transmission chain

The Translink transmission chain comes in a large variety of types and product lines. The excellent reception that our chain has had since the start –appreciated for its quality, durability and accuracy– has resulted in us adding new types to our catalogue year after year.

Our wide range of chain includes the most popular models such as the roller chain (single, double and triple, in accordance with the ISO European standard and American ASA standard) with straight side plates, the heavy series, and the most requested conveyor chain products, agricultural chain, silent chain, timing chain, Fleyer chain and many other types that can be seen in the catalogue. In addition, we produce chain with attachments and to customer drawings and specifications.

As regards manufacturing materials, Translink chains are offered in steel and stainless steel (for working in corrosive environments, with food, chemical products and pharmaceuticals), nickel plated steel (suitable for outdoor work), zinc plated or galvanised steel, according to the model and product line.

During the manufacturing process, we apply the most stringent controls on the link plate contours, polishing with shot peening, pre-stressing and hardness tests in order to ensure maximum quality. All Translink chains are manufactured under ISO 9001 certification.

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