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Timing Belts
Timing Belts

Translink timing belts offer very high accuracy, and the possibility to transmit high power while adapting to almost any power transmission application.

Timing Belts, referred as well as Synchronous belts, toothed belts, gear belts, cam belts or cogged belts are a Positive (no slippage) Drive belts de­signed to be used in applications were input and output shafts must be synchronized, what cannot be done by conventional V-Belts due to slip. These type of belts have a toothed profile mating with correspondent grooves in the pulley producing a positive engagement like chains and gears.

Translink timing belts are made of rubber, which is in use from the advent of this type of belts, mainly in explosion and combustion engines. The polyurethane is the base for an ample range of applications given they provide greater elasticity than rubber and absorb high loads and present a high tensile strength.

Our range includes classical timing belt profiles MXL, XL, L, XS and XXH, HTD® Metric timing belt profiles 3M,5M,8M and 14M, HTD® double side profiles D-5M, D-8M, D-14M and STD drive timing belts S3M, S4.5M, S5M, S8M, S14M and double side D-S5M and D-S8M. TransLink also offers RPP Reinforced Parabolic profiles time belts, as well as polyurethane one side and double side metric and imperial timing belts.

Translink timing belts are manufactured in ISO 9001 production certified centers, and in accordance with the most demanding quality. See the technical specifications and available models in our catalogue.

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